BeachParty Valencia: Surf, Dance, Fiesta!

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Valencia, El Puig! Move & Dance, Surf & SUP, Meditate & have fun in the Heart of the Spanish Mediterranean!

Exercising outdoor in Nature, especially near the sea, helps ease stress, tension, anger, depression and can increase happiness, satisfaction and vitality. Our daily dance, surf or SUP classes on the beach will have multiple positive effects on your health & well-being!

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September 19-23. 5 days, 4 nights €590

October 7-10. 3 days 4 nights 570
October 17-21. 5 days 4 nights 590
November 17-19. MINI BeachParty 2 days 2 nights 400

If your holiday does not match exactly with the announced dates, please text us when would you like to come and we will immediately send you our current offer with all the details. However, our special proposal is always valid: Join us with your friends, family and colleagues from 6 participants and save 10%!

What’s included:

Accommodation with sea view

Airport transfer

3 meals per day

Excellent community, dancing and surf classes

Accommodation: On the beach of El Puig in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment with sea view, max. for 6 people or in 2 bed hotel rooms with sea view.

Meals: 3 meals a day depending on the accommodation: breakfast at home in the apartment, lunch, dinner in local restaurants (wherever you like) In the case of hotel accommodation, all meals at the hotel.

Transfer from and to the airport of Valencia, Manises

Daily dance, surf or SupFit classes (depending on the weather)

What’s not included: 

This price does NOT include the airfare! Your trip should be made individually. Ryanair operates from all major cities to Valencia, usually it is the simplest and the cheapest way to travel.

There are NO individual tours included in the price.

What to expect?

About the classes

If you are in the mood for a special, relaxing and invigorating vacation where «everything is possible», join us! 

We are open all year round! 

We are a passionate, professional and dedicated team – using the experience of the past 10 years in Spain – who are focused on creating a safe, fun, inspiring and also educational environment to welcome you in to the wonderful world of that salty, sun kissed lifestyle of us.

Contact and registration

Beatrix Boda - dance therapist, Nia Black Belt teacher


Zsuzsanna Pintér - surf and fitness instructor