Dance Movement Therapy

About me

I am Beatrix Boda, Nia Black Belt teacher and dance therapist. I have been connected to the world of movement and dance since I was very young, although I have chosen a different direction at 20.

I continued to dance life as a flight attendant above the clouds, realizing that flying and dancing mean the same to me: the eternal sunshine over the clouds, a source of JOY.

I want to convey and share this sense of life as a teacher, dancer and therapist. To help the personal development and well-being of those who turn to me with more experience and self-expression through movement, dance and music.

What is Nia?

Nia is a holistic movement art & wellness practice addressing each aspect of your life – Body, Mind, and Soul. A powerful fusion of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness practices.

Nia is more than just a workout, Nia fills a void where other traditional fitness programs fall short. Using a system of 52 simple moves, each Nia workout delivers fullbody conditioning leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

Nia is for every person who desires to discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Dance Movement Therapy

What is DMT?

Dance and Movement Therapy evolved from modern dance, psychoanalysis and the method of movement analysis.

Dance and movement is able to cleanse the body of fossil emotions that impede the flow of energy within the body. Mental and physical trauma are created by locked information.

Dance can move this information and make new connections to everyone and everything. With this method I achieve changes in people, through movement, dance and music. The body never lies! Paying attention to his messages is the most important part of the DMT process. Mis

Nia Online classes

My online classes are always multilingual.

Body language is crucial!


"Omne trinum est perfectum "- all three are perfect according to the Latin saying.

All inclusive 4-night Nia retreat in Valencia, Spain: Wednesday, September 29th to Sunday, October 3rd 2021.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and invigorating vacation at a beautiful beachfront hotel in El Puig, Valencia, Spain.

What’s included:

What’s not included:

Prices: 450 Euros *

* The registration is valid by paying an
advance payment of 70 euros.

If you live nearby and you don’t want to spend the nights at the hotel, but you want to participate in the programs, of course it is possible. Let me know please !!